The legends of Girona in augmented reality.

logo llegendes mig

In Girona there is the possibility to make a tour along the most popular legends of the city through augmented reality.

But, what is augmented reality? It is a technique to superimpose virtual information in the real environment using mobile devices (smartphones, tablets…).

What we propose is a route through the old town of Girona from ten of the most popular folktales of the city.

To enjoy this experience you only need a mobile device connected to the network. Just it! The application will show the points of Girona where you can discover the legends. You will only have to move in town to obtain all the information about each legend: access to a website where you can read the legend, listen to the narration of the legend, access to a map that will guide you from the point where you are to the symbolic place of each legend… And, if you are using this applications from you will also have to pass a little test about each legend to uncover the clues that will lead to a surprise ending.

In this website you will find all the necessary information:

  • A section where you can learn the operation of the application.
  • A place where you will find information on the workshop proposed by
  • The way to contact

Do not wait! Read on to discover all the details of our proposal and get out there… The Legends of Girona are waiting for you!

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