How does it work?

Walking around Girona, following the 10 points related to the most popular legends and find out all the details is simple.

First of all you need a smartphone or a tablet device with the following characteristics:

  • Has the ability to connect to the network via Wi-Fi and/or 3G. The city of Girona, through its Council includes a Wi-Fi called GironaWIFIGOWEX that covers much of the city and can be useful in some areas of the route
  • GPS to geotag having our position and the position of points of interest.
  • Has accelerometers to detect the position of the device.

Don’t panic! Although these features seem very demanding, most of the current smartphones and tablets devices have them all together.

browsericonThe second thing you will need to download and install on your mobile device is the free aplication: Layar. This app is an augmented reality browser for mobile devices. With it you can access hundreds of layers is precisely the Legends of Girona. It is available for different operating systems for mobile devices:

pont pedraAnd the third indispensable thing you need is scroll to the center of Girona to start enjoying this application. You’ll see that, when moving around the city in your mobile will be icons that tell you the direction where the sights of each legend. The size of the icons will give information about the distance where we are from a particular point. And at the bottom of the application we have a short information about the legend. Information that you can extend by using the tapping point or banner. The next image shows a screenshot of the application from the Stone Bridge. In this example, we are directed to the Legend of the Rambla Vampire.

In the following video you can see the basic operation of the application.

We can only encourage you to try for yourself how it works!

And remember that if you make the workshop through UdiGital. Educational class as a group of primary school or 1st cycle of secondary school since you will be provided all the necessary equipment to carry out the activity.

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