The Head of the Council

cap ajuntament 1Sometimes the symbolic meaning of sculptures decorating architectual elements becomes a legend.

Girona’s City Council is located at Plaça del Vi (Wine Square). Throught the backyard, where you can acces the gateway’s Plenary Hall. Above the gate you can find the city shield and the date 1605 inscribed on it.

Above the shield of Girona in the middle of the door, there is a curious sculpture representing a head biting its tongue with large teeth. The legend explains that nothing is a coincidence, so that place is where the mayor and aldermen meet, and this head symbolizes that they shouldn’t say anything about what they speak together.

But there is something very strange in the head: a tree comes out from its shell. A tree growing on a brain means that the person knows many things. That could mean that the mayor and aldermen possess the secrets of Girona.

It is not known who was the mason that, when asked for decorating the door, carved into that strange and mysterious head…

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