the lioness

lleonaIf you visit Plaça de Sant Fèlix, it’s possible that you can see somebody kissing a lioness. Don’t worry. Many years ago, in Calderes street was the Lioness Hostal. In order to attract people, there was a lioness climbing a column on the wall. Anyone passing by could touch its bottom without difficulty.

This action became a habit (you probably know about the eschatological tendency of people) so that event those who visited the city were advised that touching it’s botom was a warranty for not leaving the city or coming back in the future.

Over time, the custom was changed when, instead of touching the ass, someone begin to kiss it. People decided to do ti too and after a short time everyone who pass by the lioness approached and kissed her.

Nowadays, this custom is still alive. The hostal disappeared and the column got moved to its current location, next to the church of Sant Fèlix. The only difference is now it is necessary to climb stairs to accomplish the ritual.

So, before ending your trip, do not forget. If you are a visitant, this is a good way to ensure your next visit.

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