The Workshop

udigitalAs a part of that proposes a workshop in which participants will take part in a treasure hunt through the old quarter of Girona allowing them to discover all the different legends by following clues and overcoming some tests. Tracking the route will be through an application of augmented reality and using mobile devices.

This activity is aimed at students of Upper Primary and Secondary Cycle 1 and aims to:

  • Understand, evaluate and appreciate the social and cultural context of Girona.
  • Follow a trail basing on the information that will appear as the participants move through the city.
  • Respond to different proposals of activity.
  • Working collaboratively to achieve a goal.
  • To encourage the development of basic skills.
  • Using ICT as a communication channel in a creative way.

The first part of the workshop will be conducted in the areas of (Technology Park building Narcís Monturiol). Then you leave to the Old Town of Girona where complete the course before returning to the areas of to finish the workshop.

During the route in Girona participants adopt different roles (organizer holder, photographer, cartographer, editor, guardian…) to perform the tests they propose. Following the legends from augmented reality different tests will be presented that they will get necessary clues to solve the great end enigma.

Full details of the workshop can be found at the following presentation.

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