The Rambla Vampire

vampirSometimes, there are stones that come to forge a legend.

El Vampir de la Rambla (the Rambla Vampire) is one of the small but famous characters from Girona. With his long beard and bat wings it watches us from the bows of La Rambla. Despite his malignant apperance, we have not found anyone that has bad word to this vampire.

Old people says that an old evil vampire, tired of making bad things to all Girona people, wanted to take the side of goodness and love and, for this reason, he became stone, and now he observe from one of the arches of La Rambla. However, his power is still so large that makes partners who gift under him love themselves forever.

Only he knows how many pairs formed in the shelter of the towers of La Rambla.

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