The Banyeta

banyetaMany, many years ago, when the actual Girona Market in the Lion’s square (Mercat del lleó) didn’t exist yet, the popular market was located in the middle of a square, in the Wine’s square (Plaça del Vi).

It was usual to find all kind of stalls there: vegetables, fruit, baskets, clothing, meat, eggs, fish, perfume, soap… Any merchandise that you could buy. Just at the corner of Plaça del Vi and Carrer Ciutadans there used to be a money lender.

The man lent money to those who needed it to pay debts, taxes, buy tools to work the field… The worried people asked him to lend them the money  and he used to lend them it, but don’t think he did it generously. People had to give back the money paying it with big interests. The legend says that he became rich by taking advantatge of kind Girona people.

But one day, by divine punishment, he became into stone with big horns embed in the wall where he used to be in the square. From that day, people call him En Banyeta, which means “Small horn man”. Many people say that he became a guardian and ensures that all Girona citizens pay their taxes. According to another version, the one who touches with his nose Banyeta’s one will get his debts forgive.

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