The Cathedral Witch

La bruixa de la CatedralMany churches and cathedrals have unique figures and this uniqueness figures became a legend. This is the case of one of the gargoyles of the cathedral.

Gargoyles are stone ducts which spit rain water that runs off the roof and straight to the street by its mouth. Often gargoyles represent people, animals or fantastic apocalyptic creatures.

In Girona’s Cathedral, many of the gargoyles have no human figure, there’s just one exception: next to the Torre de Carlemany, right out of the wall, a women stone with a long dress, with her head topped with a touch and a roll of paper and parchment in his hands, opens perpetually his mouth to vomit down the water. This singularity, of beign the only human figure among all the gargoyles, has created one of the most famous legends of Girona: The Cathedral witch.

According to the legend, many years ago there was a woman in Girona who witched and did witchcrafts, and used to insult and throw stones at the Cathedral and those involved in a procession to show her hatred of anything religious.

One day, during the Corpus Christi procession, while the witch was stoning the procession, a mysterious voice was heard saying “pedres tires, pedres tiraràs, i de pedra et quedaràs”. The witch turned into stone gargoyle, being stuck and embedded in the foothills of the Cloister, in order to stop her mouth say oaths or curses, just only the rain going through it, and ground looking forever because she could never see the sky.

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