The Cocollona

cocollonaIf a foggy day, while crossing Onyar decks, a whistle makes you think about wind slipping down the river, pay attention because you may have the luck to see fly or swim the Cocollona.

Don’t you know who we’re talking about? Well, it’s one of the most famous characters in Girona!

It’s said that many years ago, when in Mercadal neighborhood there still was a Poor Clares convent, in a dark cell, below the lever of the river, was closed Rosalia, a novice nun.

Many people say that it was a punishment due to nonsense with the rest of their companions, because she thought they were a bad example of life and constantly berates everithing they did. Others, addict to romantic stories, explain that she was closed because of her meetings with a Franciscan monk from the convent of San Francisco, who was madly in love.

So great was the suffer and the large time closed  she had to spend that her body starts transforming to get addapted to the cell characteristics. Due to the long time that she was lying on the floor, crawling like a lizard, and also the moisture in that corner, scales started dating all over her body.

To be able to escape through the window overlooking the river, wings began to grow on her back. Large and delicate wings, special to double up and cross small gaps between the bars and got majestically opened when they felt free out of that prison.

Thus, Rosalia went on to become a kind of crocodile and butterfly. A being condemned to live in secret and go out when people can’t see and catch her!

Children, boys and girls, men and women: if ever, passing near the Onyar you fell some drops, but it’s obvious that it’s not going to rain, don’t fair: they are tears of Cocollona. Look up and shout: Don’t cry, Cocollona. Fly high and reach the sky!

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