The Wolf

llopEntering Girona by Portal de Sobreportes is likely you pass in the street of King Martin the Humane, a dark narrow street that can make us feel chills! Since ancient times we have had bad feelings when passing through this street.

Many stories have been told about this part of the city. The one which his most to the population, tells of a child who was swallowed by a wolf. A hungry beast that, going down throught the valley of Sant Daniel, decided to hunt someone in King Martin street .

Many people say that the animal ran away frightened by hunters, but too late, so its had deveoured somebody! Other people say tat the tragic event took place during the procession and consider the sounds of drums and screams of people made him scare and flee. But we can’t guarantee these stories because nothing remains written.

However, the terror caused is engraved on a stone that was attached to the street which is currently at the Art Museum of the city. The stone makes visible the wolf, a kind of lion mane, eating a child. It’s also interesting you know that from then on the street popularly known as the “Street of the wolf”!.

In this street or any other place, it’s important to walk paying attention of those who watch with malicious intent; change your sidewalk, if it’s necessary, and try to walk in lighting places, and if it’s possible, with a good company!

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