The Saint Narcís flies

mosquesJust sometimes, there are animals that come to forge a legend. And this legend is one of this cases.

In 1285 the men of the French King arrived to the city to attack Girona. The Girona citizens closed walls doors and fought  against French from the city walls.

French couldn’t conquer Girona and decided to occupy angrily the neighborhoods that were out of the wall including the church of Sant Feliu occupied as a military barracks. They decided to open the tomb of Sant Narcís, which was inside the church, and scatte his remains across the street to deter the morale of Girona people. However, a carpenter in the city picked up the remains of the saint and put them in the box as a sepulcher.

That day the carpenter saw big flies getting out of Sant Narcis tomb. A large cloud of flies fell directly in the middle of the French soldier’s camp, who were attacked by an army of seeing flies that pinched and pricked angry. Neighing horses and soldiers wept and cried out in fear.

French had to back off and returned to France. They had lost the siege of the city of Girona. Sant Narcís had sent his army to defend the city and had won. Thousand of French soldiers were killed back to France but were never surrounded and occasionally returned to besiege the city.

From then on, when Girona people have left attacked bring Sant Narcís tomb to the city walls to defend the city with his flies’s army

It’s for this reason that flies are loved in Girona, as they had  defended the city of Girona for a long time.

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